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Beginners Modern Jive DVD
Modern Jive DVD Reseller Packs

Do you run a Modern Jive class night and wish to earn a little extra income?

We can supply our DVDs in larger numbers and at a lower price if you wish to resell them at your nights.

Getting the people who come to your venue to remember a few moves and dance them well, and as soon as possible, could be the difference between someone becoming a regular customer and some one who just gets defeated and gives up.

A DVD that allows them to learn at home, at their own pace, will help to keep your hard won customers interested and coming back for more. After all, once they have learnt some moves at home they are going to need somewhere to practice and perfect them.

Our DVDs offer no nonsense teaching simply designed to teach people the moves in a clear and concise way and at an easily affordable price

All DVDs are cellophane wrapped and postage is included in the price shown.

Should you wish to resell our DVDs we ask that you do not sell them online for less than our online prices for the same product or pack. If you are reselling at your own night or venue you are free to charge what you wish, however, we would encourage you to use our prices as a guide.

The following combinations of DVDs are available as standard but should you require something else please feel free to Email Us with your request.

10 Pack Beginners DVDs - £75
10 Pack Improvers DVDs - £75
10 Pack Intermediate 1 DVDs - £85
10 Pack Intermediate 2 DVDs - £85
5 Beginner + 5 Improver DVDs - £75
5 Intermediate 1 + 5 Intermediate 2 DVDs - £85
5 Beginner + 5 Improver + 5 Intermediate 1 + 5 Intermediate 2 DVDs - £150
10 Beginner + 10 Improver + 10 Intermediate 1 + 10 Intermediate 2 DVDs - £285

The Purchase of any of these DVD packs constitutes acceptance of the following Resale Statement.

As a reseller I agree that I will not sell the products purchased here, online, for less than the Dance Yourself Dizzy online price for the same multi pack or single product. I also understand that I am free to set my own selling price at my nights and venues.

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