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Membership Benefits
The DYD Members Area is like having a Modern Jive teacher in your home and available whenever you want.
An extremely cost effective way to learn Modern Jive moves.
No long expensive drive or organising baby sitters so that you can get to your local venue to learn just 4 moves. Learn many more moves in the ease and comfort of your own home.
You can choose the moves that you want to learn.
You can expand the catalogue of moves at your disposal.
You can watch a move as often as you need to to make sure that you really know and remember it. No more learning a move once and then forgetting it.
Do you have a partner or spouse that you want to dance with but can't get him / her to a dance class? Why not learn some moves at home first to encourage them.
You can remind yourself of moves from past classes that you have long forgotten?

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Member Updates

Basket Hustle


Right Handed Step Across


Basket Reverse Catapult Bounce


First Move Archie


What's in the Members Area
Choose the moves you want to learn from the following categories
Dips, Drops, Leans
Videos of over 250 Modern Jive Moves with more moves being added regularly.
  • All videos can be expanded and viewed at full screen.
  • All move pages show links to other moves with similar dance elements
  • Login to the Members Area from any device, anytime.
Available Moves
Comprehensive teaching videos for all moves, showing
  • How the move should look
  • Teaching the move with beat by beat instruction
  • Dancing the move up to speed
Preview a Members Area Move
All moves taught in the same way as you would learn in a normal class.
  • If you don't get it the first time just skip back a bit and watch it again.
  • Take as long to learn a move as you need.
  • No more learning today and forgetting tomorrow.
Signup and Security
The Dance Yourself Dizzy Members Area is without doubt a bargain but we also want to make sure that you feel that your sign up is both safe and secure.
We want you to know the facts up front. So here they are...

 • Feel Safe When Signing Up
 • Cancel Your Subscription At Any Time
 • No Spam Emails
 • Definitely No Funny Business.

 • All transactions are carried out on the secure servers of PayPal
 • No credit card details are seen or held by danceyourselfdizzy
 • Any information given during the signup procedure is solely for the purposes of accessing the members area.
 • Your information will not be passed on to other companies or third parties
 • You can cancel your membership, on-line, at any time, no questions asked.
If at any point you encounter a problem or have a question please contact us
How much does it cost?

How much you would spend if you were to go to just one class night, just once a week, for 3 months?    It soon adds up.  
This is not the case with the Dance Yourself Dizzy Members Area where you can choose from......

1 monthly recurring subscription for just £7.99  

Our 1 and 3 month membership options are on a recurring basis, meaning that when you sign up you will automatically be re-billed every 1 or 3 months, depending on the option you choose, until you cancel your membership. Canceling your membership can easily be done on-line at any time. Any recurring payments you make throughout the life of your membership will always be at the same price as your first payment, it will never increase.
More information on cancelling your membership.

3 monthly recurring subscription for just £16.99

Best Value

1Year - One time payment for just £50.00

Learn to dance when you want to and repeat as many times as you need to.


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