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The Turn and Return

You will find that the last 2 beats of many Modern Jive moves are taken up by something called a 'return'.
The 'return' is there for 2 reasons.

1. It acts as a buffer between moves.
2. It balances out the amount of times the ladies spin in one direction so that she does not get dizzy.

Put simply the 'return' means that you both step towards each other as the men raise one of their hands, depending on which one he has hold with at the time, so that the ladies can turn anti clockwise (to her left) underneath it before you both lower your hands and step back ready to start your next move.

You will notice that a lot, but not all, of the moves have 'returns' on the end of them. For example moves such as the First Move, Basket and Ladyspin have a 'return' but the Half Windmill and Wurlitzer do not.

The reason for this 'return' is basically a question of balance.

All of the moves that have 'returns' on them involve either a small amount of turning or a clockwise turn for the ladies, the anti clockwise 'return' on the end of the move is there to balance the clockwise turn and unwind the ladies so that she does not get too dizzy.

Moves that don't have a return on them usually already have an anti clockwise turn in them. If you were to add an anti clockwise 'return' on the end it would make the ladies dizzy.

This may sound like a lot to think about up front but in fact you should find that it comes pretty naturally once you start adding moves together because it either feels right or it doesn't.

If you follow the step by step notes on this site and read how to link moves together you should find that it all becomes reasonably self explanatory without having to think about it to much. (Trust Me)