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Freestyle dates
28/10/17 Totton Freestyle
31/10/17 Winchester Halloween BIG Tuesday
03/11/17 Winchester Freestyle
11/11/17 Totton Freestyle
16/11/17 Minstead £5 THURSDAY Freestyle
25/11/17 Totton Freestyle
Full list of DYD Events
Basingstoke Dates
16th Oct Open
23rd Oct Open
30th Oct Open
6th Nov Open
13th Nov Open
20th Nov Open
Basingstoke Venue Details
Winchester Dates
17th Oct Closed
24th Oct Open
31st Oct Open
7th Nov Open
14th Nov Open
21st Nov Open
Winchester Venue Details
Minstead Dates
19th Oct Open
26th Oct Open
2nd Nov Open
9th Nov Open
16th Nov Open
23rd Nov Open
Minstead Venue Details

Full list of DYD Events

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Get a FREE Night Dancing at DYD in the Week of Your Birthday!

Is it your birthday?! Come and have a completely FREE night dancing at DYD to celebrate! More info

Listen, Rate and Suggest Modern Jive Tracks

You can now listen to, and rate, Modern Jive tracks on our Music Pages. If you don't like the tracks listed and you think you know better ones then you can also suggest your own tracks so that others can listen and rate them. Get involved now.

Modern Jive DVDs

DVDsOur DVDs can take you right from the very basics and onwards. Each DVD teaches moves in the same way as that you would learn in a normal class, breaking them down step by step and then running through them up to speed.

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Modern Jive Members Area

In our Members Area you will find step by step teaching videos to over 200 moves. Signup to get instent access to moves that you can view as often as you need to and really expand the amount of moves at you disposal.

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Basket Hustle
Right Handed Step Across
Basket Reverse Catapult Bounce
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